Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall Arrangement

I'm so excited. I have been asked to be in charge of Seasonal Decorations at our church. What a fun job! I have to put together a proposed budget ... and then, of course, try to stay within it.
I was off to Michael's and couldn't believe my eyes as I walked in the door. ALL Fall artificial flowers were 90% off. Ninety percent? That's almost like free! I joyfully danced around picking flowers and loading up my shopping cart. When the cashier announced $38.56, I about dropped my teeth.

Although strictly on a 'church business trip', I happened to pick up a few 'posies' for myself. Let me explain further ...

With about $5.00 worth of flowers, I decided that I needed a fall vase or container to put them in. Although Michael's was the place for cheap floral, vase and basket prices were a bit steep. Off I flew to some of my favourite thrift stores in town.

I happened upon this top off of a hurricane lamp. The bottom was no where to be found, so it was marked down to a dollar. I snatched it up. So you can understand the hurricane lamp conception I placed it on a canning jar. Get the picture?

Next, I flipped it over to reveal the venting holes.

Can you guess where I went from here? I thought to myself, hey, these make perfect holes to stick sprigs of flowers. Wow, sometimes I amaze myself. With wire cutters I proceeded to snip the branches into shorter sprigs. Then I stuffed. Longer ones in the center hole, shorter ones in the side holes. And within a short time ... here it sits on my kitchen table. You just never know how you can re-purpose an item. Thanks for following along.

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