Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Storage Room - Untouched

Half a dozen times a day I enter our food 'storage room' and then it dawned on me ... I don't think that I have shown you around in there.  If I have, please forgive me.

 No, this is not the remains of our Y2K storage.  In fact I didn't really add much when the year 2000 was about to roll around.  I have always 'stocked' up.  I watch sales, use Costco, and well, it works for me to have food on hand.  You never know when a crowd it going to stay for a meal.

 I do can a bit ... that's Concord Grape Juice in the jars ... but don't have much time to do what I used to. I didn't take any pictures of my appliances ... they are white and large ... but I have a box freezer, upright freezer and second refrigerator in my storage room as well.

 As you see by the disarray of 'stuff', I didn't PLAN on showing you my storage room today.  No tidying up done here ... forgive the mess.

 These chrome shelves from Costco were a bit of an investment shock to purchase, but they are well worth their weight in gold.  Great looking, on lockable wheels, and easy to clean.

 Canned  goods are purchased generally in bulk.  I love the boxes that some items come in.  The cans roll down as the supply is depleted.
 I arrange my cereal boxes in order of purchase.  My family has long been trained to 'take from the left' ... like reading a book ... and NOT to take out of order to get at their favourite type.

 I use ice cream buckets from a local dairy to store  some items ... hair cutting supplies, clothes pins etc ... and save yogurt containers for a variety of uses.

Ice cream buckets line up on a shelf for easy display of lunch add-ons.  Notice the Halloween candy purchased November 1st at half price ... SCORE.

My new enameled Kitchen Aid cast iron casserole.  Also microwave popcorn packets fit nicely in dollar store plastic bins.

Costo spices lined in a row.

Small Rubbermaid totes store the kids toys.  Although not played with now ... my youngest is 19 for crying out loud ... one day I WILL have grand kids!

And finally, one of the most important tips that I can give.  Invest in a Shapie felt pen and label each can, box or bag that crosses your food storage room threshold.  Many items don't have a visable expiry date and yet your own date with stand out to remind you when to use by.

Happy organizing

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