Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Here Comes the Bridal Shower

My dear friend, Karen, and I are the new co-ordinators for the Bridal & Baby Showers held by our church. Peeps ... putting together Showers is just too much fun! And althougth we have to plan within a set budget, so far we are able to assemble quite a do? ... due? ... dew? ... EVENT with the funds provided.
~ * ~
Tomorrow night we are organizing our 2nd Bridal Shower. Jennifer is the lovely Bride-to-Be. Word circulated today that Jenn is battling with the flu bug. Won't be much fun without her, of course, so we hope she recovers soon.
~ * ~
I promise to include more pictures of the actual party, but for now I will show you only the Jelly Belly packages that we will hand out for prizes. Sort of a sweet teaser ....

We found out that one package of Jelly Bellys from Costco fills 12 little zip lock bags perfectly ... and the treat bags fit perfectly into these pretty little boxes purchased from the Dollar Store. Wrap it with a ribbon, and we're good to go.

Monday, September 28, 2009

George Washington Inn

So my Hubby and I went on a bit of an adventure this past weekend. One of our stops included a night as guests at the magnificent George Washington Inn in Port Angeles, Washington
Here I am (far right) with Janet and Dan (Inn keepers) and their daughter Elizabeth. I have been friends with them for over 31 years. How can we look so good after 31 years!
In between catching up with the latest news with Janet, I went around their Bed & Breakfast and snapped a few pictures. My apologies for the darkness ... poor camera ... and even worse photographer!
Their B&B sits on 10 lovely acres. Here is a view from our bedroom window. On one side of the B&B you have a breath-taking view of the mountains ...
and if you turn around you see the vast Pacific Ocean. Yep ... God certainly has blessed Dan and Janet abundantly with this find.

Here is the back view of George Washington Inn. I know ... it's much bigger than my house too.

And finally, I snuck into the under-construction area of the B&B. Above the basement ... above the main floor ... and even above the 2nd floor there is yet another floor that they plan to open for conferences. An architecturally beautiful area with sloped ceilings and dormer windows. Perfect for a training retreat or seminar. AND if that wasn't enough ... above that is a cupola ... from there you can see in ALL directions for miles and miles and miles.

~ * ~

Unfortunately, this photographer has a horrible fear of heights and only made it half way up the spiral staircase. Maybe one day I will share the view!

Thanks Dan & Janet for the lovely stay and fellowship!

Check out George Washington Inn at:

Tell them Lori from British Columbia sent ya!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One Year Ago Today

I can't believe it ...
It has been one year ago today that I started this blog.

Time has flown.

The sad thing is that I don't have time to do anything about it.
Life is still getting in the way.
But here we are,
my good lookin' hubby and I,
in a candid shot this summer.
One thing that I can say for sure ...
It's STILL a Wonderful Life

Monday, September 7, 2009

Painting the Poop Deck - Before

Okay, okay ... sort of an icky title for this post.
Let me say it in a more poetic broken French sort of way ...
"Painting the 'ensuite' "... yes that's much better ...
The time had come to paint this room

The colour: Benjamin Moore Caramel.

Same colour as your master bedroom.

My camera does not do it justice. It is really a lovely shade.

As a side note: Our family teases the bearer

of this foot for his insistence on

'wearing socks with sandals'

But he still remains the man of the hour

... or hours and hours ...

for all his labours of love for us

Even Johnnie-Girl got in on the action

Friday, September 4, 2009

Plain and Simple Advice

Do not anxiously hope for what is not yet to come;
~ * ~
do not vainly regret what is already past.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Goats on the Roof

Yes, Goats on the Roof .... for local yokels this means
of course ... trendy, beautiful Coombs, BC
~ * ~
Country market, delicious ice cream, local artisans,
wooden carvings, sculptures, jewelery,
and did I mention yummy ice cream?

Here's Johnnie-Girl sampling the local fare

Here is a stolen shot of a magnificent table and chairs
offered in one of the many shops

Hubby even got to try out a Harley!

Genius patiently waiting for sisters and mom
who did their share of window shopping
~ * ~
Check out Coombs when you get over to
Vancouver Island ... You will thank me later
~ * ~
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