Monday, May 31, 2010

Palm Springs - Part 4

We are home now ... One minute 95 degree sunshine in Palm Springs, CA and in a few short hours later we land in Bellingham, WA and are back to drizzling wet skies accompanied by a cool 50 degrees.  What a shock!

And now that I am home in my native Canada with my personal computer, life is easier and less complicated with fun and sun ... and I can continue to share my memories of OUR VACATION.

Here is the lovely Master Suite.  It was very romantic.  The four post king sized bed was enormous and luxurious.  We slept like a king and queen.
Right at the foot of the bed was a two sided fire place (that we didn't use, of course, as we wanted to keep the indoors cool with air conditioning).  Over it was a large flat screen TV.

In a side nook there was this very comfy chair that fits two perfectly.

Lovely reading and relaxing area.

Such a large master suite called for over sized furnishings.  Oh, did I mention that the house had 10 foot ceilings?

And then there was the Master Ensuite.  Another very open room and over the top with luxury.  Everything that one would needed to feel pampered.

Large open shower.  Large soaker tub. Accessories galore and many fine bath soaps, lotions, shampoos et cetera.

And finally a large closet off of the ensuite.  There was a padded bench in the center for sitting and lots of room to hang our clothes for the week.

And to add to the room ... almost for some sort of comedic accent ... were these two pictures displayed for all to see on a side wall.  I am not sure if they are of the owner in his younger days ... or per chance a model of yesteryear ... or if they portray a Viagra commercial of today ... but they made me chuckle each time I saw them.  Oh it's a wonderful life!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Palm Springs - Part 3

Vacation is no time to post on a blog.
Too much going on and much too much fun.
But I will try to give you a few more shots of this dream vacation home.

We have found that the exteriors of homes in Palm Springs, CA are quite similar to each other.  Tile roofs are the norm.  And stucco exterior is prevalent.  It looks like everyone has a landscaper and pool boy.

Not complaining though as the overall effect is very grand indeed.

Check out this beautiful chandelier hanging in the foyer.

Tile flooring is spectacular.

Although we don't drink, I can appreciate and share with you the bar off of the dining and living room.  The designer has a wonderful sense of detail.

This living room picture is a bit dark.  Remember that I only use a point and shot camera.  As you walk into the foyer, you look on into the living room, and out onto the deck and pool area.  You are wowed as soon as you enter this house.

The house is full of accessories to add to the luxury feel of the home.

Again this picture does not do the dining room justice.  High ceilings really add that certain something.

This is a seven foot mural painting in the dining room.  Beauty.

The lighting in the whole house continues with the grandness.

And then back to life in the pool where we have spent much of this vacation.  One night the winds were fierce and a pool chair was swept into the deep end.  Hubby's brute strength rescued it from the pool depths.

The girls peeking out from the hot tub and into the pool.

And me ... on vacation in Palm Springs ... bobbing along with the help of a pool noodle.  What a wonderful life!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Palm Springs - Part 2

Well, what a wonderful life that I live!  Allegiant Airlines safely carried us from Bellingham, WA to Palm Springs, CA.  I held me eyes closed from the the time of take off till we leveled off above the clouds but was given a vivid commentary by hubby of the aerial sights.  The two hours over the clouds were easy.  The descent was not so easy.  Rough winds, but a graceful landing. 
Welcome to Palm Springs, CA

The vacation home we rented in beyond belief.  I have decided to post pictures of different rooms or events each day.  For today you get to share in the excitement of the free form pool, hot tub (spa) and the back yard.

Waterfalls and bubbling water ... wonderful sights and sounds.  And salt water too.  Supposed to be gentle on the skin.

This area of the pool provides shelter from the sun, but a cool seat in shallow water.  Oh the life!

Many steps down into the pool.  Deepest area is about 6 feet.                 
 Johnnie Girl and Dreamer enjoy the opportunity to 'gently and gradually' build up their tan.

I am having a horrible time with this internet and my little lap top ... so I will close with this picture.  A close up of  the naked mermaid holding a fish.  I think that the fountain is rather beautiful up close like this.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Palm Springs - Part 1

Palm Springs, California.  Ever been???  Me neither.  But tomorrow we're heading to Bellingham, WA and flying on down to our dream vacation.

I am not one to say that we deserve it, because I KNOW that there are much more deserving souls than our family.  BUT this is our first big trip in 25 years.  Hubby, Dreamer, Johnnie-Girl and myself are about to find out why many of you actually take vacations.

I am bringing my little lap top and hope to document our travels and adventures on this blog.  If I am having too much fun vacationing, it may have to wait till our return in a week.

We leave tomorrow.  Wow, I can't even say it without getting excited shivers.  Genius has opted to stay home to hold down the fort, feed the dogs, and water the flowers ... Oh and work.  He has vacation plans of his own coming up that he will need to fund.

My dear friend KaYo (in code to protect her secret identity), proved to be a dear, dear friend once again.  She put together a little travel bag for me complete with traveling goodies.  What a sweetheart.   Look at the little bobbles acting as zipper pulls.  How cute it that?!

Oh ... one more thing ...

I haven't been on a big air plane for years and years.  Not quite back to the days of Orville and Wilbur Wright, but almost.  Heights are not my favourite things, so we will see how that all goes.

Stay turned.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mother's Day - 2010

Ah, yes, Mother's Day 2010.  I remember it well.  But alas I forgot all about posting about it on my blog.  Please allow this belated sharing time.

After church on Mother's Day our family loaded into the SUV and headed to Agassiz ... about a 45 minute scenic drive.

Agassiz is a very small town in British Columbia.  And in our opinion there is only one place to eat ... Jack's.  You can't miss it ... yep Agassiz is THAT small.

As a starter, I ordered a Greek salad.  One of my favourites.  Then I had Σουβλάκι (a chicken souvlaki dinner).  Three skewers of tender chicken, baked potato, green beans, nan bread with that sauce that starts with the letter "T" and I can't remember how to pronounce.  All was top notch.  Did I mention that the dinner included a hot fudge sundae?  Eaten too fast to snap a picture.

Continuing on ... Dreamer is always adventuresome at restaurants and tried a starter of escargot.  Yep, snails.  And she even let me have one.  You know, I thought it would be rubbery, but it wasn't bad at all.

Here is Hubby and I.  Happy happy happy.

And the kids.  Those countless trips to the Orthodontist have paid off in this one picture.

The quiet main street of Agassiz.
Look at those mountains!

Genius patiently waiting for us to saunter down the street.

I like this picture of the kids.  Reminds me of some cheap spy movie.

I wanted to get some pictures on the jungle gym they had in the playground, but as soon as the girls climbed up, a young family came along.  I told my girls that they could easily take on the the little toddlers and claim their status as Queens of the playground, but they were good girls and graciously released their thrones.

Genius took this shot.  Don't we look like giants?


An old train car is on display for us tourists.

Train travel has sure changed over the years.

My toes on the train deck.

Dreamers toes walking the rail.

And then after Agassiz we went on to Harrison Hot Springs for coffee and a perfect end to a perfect day.
 ~ * ~
Hope that your Mother's Day was as memorable as mine.

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