Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Accuquilt Studio

Today is February 2011.  Did I totally miss January?  I can't even remember December ....

As I hold on while the world continues to spin faster, today it dawns on me that I forgot to tell you about a Christmas present I received the middle of December.  Forgetting must be a old age thing ... But my present is totally state-of-the-art ...

I got an ...

Check out the tutorial videos on the AccuQuilt web site above, and you will be as wow-ed as I am.
In essence, it is a hand cranked cutting machine to accurately cut out classic quilt blocks
and cool quilt applique quickly and perfectly

 They have many different 'dies' available, and although they are fairly expensive,
they are well worth it

 I haven't taken any 'in action' photographs ... Accuquilt videos are much better anyway ... 
but in a nutshell you place your layers of fabric (up to ten layers with the Studio model),
 put a plastic sheet on top and then you crank it through the Studio in mere seconds.
Voila ... accurately cut blocks ready to sew ... and many have the dog ears cut off already!

For your information, they do instruct you to mark where the blades are on the dies with a Sharpie felt pen.  And although black works, the metallic silver makes the pattern pop out of the die
and thus helps in proper placement of your fabric.
The 'picks' are used to pick out the occasional thread trapped in the blade groove.
The Studio came with one,
but for $4 at a local hardware store I picked up complete set as a back up.

This is my latest die ... Can you believe a fast and easy way to make Prairie Points?!
I hope to show how this works one day in another post.

And although the Studio is a new addition to my sewing room,
I thought that I would share with you an old friend.
This 'pleasantly plump' little sewing companion has been on my sewing room shelf for years.
She inspires me!

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  1. Congratulations on your Studio! I love mine. I came across your post and thought I'd invite you to a Studio Quilt Along if you're interested... Have fun with your new toy!


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