Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Let the Gift Opening Begin

 Hubby and I gave each one of our offspring a GPS for Christmas.
After many desperate phone calls to Dad asking for directions because they 'are completely lost',
we figured it was about time!

To Dan the Man we gifted a warm hoody.
Dreamer saw that we had them for our sub-contractors this year,
and requested that Dan 'needed' one too.

Genius purchased this domino set for his girlfriend.
Although the tin says Super Train, I believe the game is called Mexican Train.
Whatever it's called, she was thrilled.

Genius bought me this plush penguin.
It plays a silly Christmas toon while flapping its wings.
Just what every 49 year old needs!

Genius loves hard cover books.
This year on his wish list was the Silmarillion by Tolkien.

To his girlfriend we gave a Christian day planner as we were told that she works well with lists.
I also had collected many pieces of this glassware that she likes from thrift stores.
She was happy to get pieces that she didn't have already.

 Johnnie-Girl needed money for university text books this year,
so opted out of the usual shower of gifts, and instead requested CA$H.

After the gift opening, a little fun with the ribbons and bows.

Maybe a little too much fun ...

And, of course, lots of food for Christmas breakfast.

And finally a thought to remember.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Mistletoe and Blessings

 During the Christmas breakfast preparation, I encountered Dan the Man attempting to steal a kiss from Dreamer ...

It was evident that the mistletoe hanging near by had a mesmerizing effect on this young man.

But not to worry, Johnnie-Girl 'came to her rescue' and squashed his advances before they came to fruition!
Better luck next time Dan-the-Man.

Anyone that knows me well, knows well that I love to decorate for Christmas.  Although I do purchase new items, I find it is even more fun to find them at garage sales during the summer or throughout the year at thrift stores.  Just as a tip I will tell you that I am purging my small, cutey-pie decorations and am rather turning my interests to the large and impressive.

 Basil, my 5 1/2 foot tall Christmas soldier, was a gift from Hubby years ago and still has that WOW factor as he greets guests into our foyer.

And although Christmas didn't turn out as I had planned,
my kids gave me this plaque that reminded me of all the good things that I can be thankful for.
I have many MANY blessings to count!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

So That Was Christmas

The calendar on the wall shows me that Christmas is over for 2010.  Without going into all the sad details, I think that our family ... well ... we frankly missed it.

So much so that we have collectively decided to unthaw the 'bird' and have a Christmas dinner in January.  Also next month we will have the annual 'making of the gingerbread houses' and even the soon to be traditional 'making of the caramel apples', AND we will have a five hour presentation of our old family slides!!!  Something to look forward too ... for sure

Enough said ... on with what we did fit in to this Christmas season. 

One of the blessed highlights, for sure, was the Christmas Eve service at our church.  A collection of many talented people singing, playing instruments and reciting scripture and the occasional inspirational story.  Above is a snap shot of Dreamer and Johnnie-Girl as they belted it out in perfect harmony.
I was so proud ...

My friend, KaYo spoiled our family with a beautiful calendar and a box of Purdys chocolates.

There has been a lot of eating ... Dreamer and her boyfriend, Dan the Man,
forked it down during one of our many hurried dinners.

Johnnie-Girl went all wide eyed here as she poured back another one ...
Crystal Light drink, that is!
 I thought that this was a weird shot of Dan the Man.

Here Dreamer is trying to teach Dan the Man how to play the simple tune "Heart and Soul".
He was getting pretty good at it too.

And finally us girls decided that Dan the Man's tie needed a little alteration.
What is it with men and stupid cartoon ties anyways?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Pressure Washer

On Saturday, Hubby opened an early Christmas present:
A brand new Honda 3000 PSI Pressure Washer

 He is thrilled.  For years we have used a small pressure washer that only had a few more 'pounds per square inch' force than a trickle out of a  common garden hose.  Not very efficient.

This was the year for the step up in pressure washers ... and early December was the exact time.

 This was such a monumental time that Hubby actually took a few moments
and READ the assembly instructions!  I had to get a picture of that.

 He removed all the parts out of the box, and assembled the power washer in record time

 Outside we went and prepared to rid the front sidewalks of years of green slime

 With miles of hose, he began his slim-ridding journey

Oh what a wonderful life is lead with proper tools and white cement sidewalks!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sushi Night

On Friday night, Hubby, Dreamer and I went out for Sushi.  Now let's be truthful here.  Hubby is NOT a Sushi eater.  In fact he strongly dislikes Sushi.  But he is a good sport as he will come to the restaurant, orders Teriyaki chicken on rice, and sits beside us who actually eat the stuff.

I don't eat it often, but it is a treat on occasion.  Dreamer could live on it.

Believe it or not, the best Sushi that we have found is served at a small place adjoining the Shell Gas Station.

Will wonders never cease!

First was vegetable tempura

Next was Dynamite Roll with a tuna roll

 California Roll ... my personal fav

 And finally she surprised us with a plate of this ... didn't quite get the name of it,
but we think that it was raw tuna.
It was very tasty ... and we didn't die from eating any raw fish ... a bonus for the night :o)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Operation Red Nose

Christmas is around the corner, folks are traveling here and there visiting, kids are home from school ... all the more reason to take extra caution while driving. 

Years ago, my hubby and I made a personal decision never to drink alcohol ... EVER.  I am not here to stand on a soap box preaching the benefits of being a teetotaler, but for those that do partake, please think.  

Don't drink and drive ... and ruin not only someone's Christmas, but someone's life.

The Canadian police force ... the Royal Canadian Mounted Police ... are airing this short commercial on TV for the month of December as a reminder to assign a designated driver, or use OPERATION RED NOSE.  A program that gets you AND your vehicle home safely for FREE.  

I implore you this Christmas
... if you choose to drink, please think

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fat Quarters and Smelly Candles

I have been a little 'under-the-weather' lately and unfortunately, posting to my blog has been a low priority.  Today I share with you a little this and that.  Don't worry, we are still making progress on my laundry room renovation and I will show update pictures soon.

Last night I went to a 'New Things' presentation at one of my favourite quilting stores, A Great Sewing Notion.  Two hours of showing and telling of the latest and greatest notions, patterns and must-haves.  With an incentive of 15% off last night, I purchased my first ever Fat Quarter Pack.

For those not in the know, a Fat Quarter is an 18" by 22" piece of fabric.  Four Fat Quarters make up roughly one yard (or meter ... depending where you live).  My new pack is from a fabric line by Jenny Haskins and includes 18 Fat Quarters that although vary in pattern and colour, blend beautifully together.  I hope to share with you a quilt made from the pack soon.
As a side note, if you look carefully in the pictures, you will see two recent thrift store finds.  The Christmas basket full of many different Christmas floral picks and ribbon was only $2.50.  SCORE!  The gold candle holder base was only $1.50.  I added to that a red candle and hurricane lamp to make a Christmas centerpiece.

And speaking of candles ... when I came home last night, I found this shocking display.

Hubby decided that the new 'Cedar Vanilla Spice' candles I purchased were a bit too aromatic for his liking.  Apparently the 'delicate' scent carried an overwhelming punch all the way up the stairs and into his office thus making desk work virtually impossible.

Go figure!

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