Monday, February 23, 2009

A Glance at the Garden

This past weekend proved to be another peak at
The ground is still hard ... I know ...
and there are no buds on the trees or on the ground ... I realize ...
but it had the anticipation of Things to Come in the air
And on one such glorious afternoon I took these pictures
as I strolled around my vegetable garden

The 'fluffy' of my raised beds seems tempting
but I will put that on hold for a while yet

These bags of leaves are standing ready to provide layers
in my compost bins and help mulch the raised beds soon

And what garden is complete without
the 100 foot garden hose?
~ * ~
If you squint your eyes just a bit,
you can almost see the bountiful harvest
in my simple garden.
~ * ~
My heart is leaping with anticipation.
~ * ~
How is your garden looking?
~ * ~

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