Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Adventures of Shifu

One of the fun things that my Hubby and I did during our travels

was take a series of photos of


(You remember him best from Kung Fu Panda fame)

~ * ~

To our glee, we found that he was quite photogenic!

We kept Shifu and my camera in a side pocket of my purse,

but when a perfect backdrop appeared,

out he popped for a photo shoot!

It was funny to see people watch us as we tried
different angles and back grounds
Most just smiled as they joined in with our fun ...

and middle-aged giggles

Although Shifu is only a plastic McDonald's version

of the 'REAL' one,

he almost came alive in our minds

We found that

sometimes it's the cheap entertainment

that gives us the priceless memories


  1. Hey Lori - I am all for free entertainment!! I have to share-- I was setting in the car at the parking lot between K-mart and Burger King in Pekin,Illinois when a Seagull flies in and gently landed -- looks all around the parking lot and then gobbles up the bread from the trashed sandwich buns on the parking lot pavement and then takes off-- guess even Seagulls have a fast food lunch!! Made me chuckle anyway!!!! ; ) Karyl(Carol)

  2. Amazing what entertainment is out there for the taking! Thanks for the story about fast food lunch. That's a good one :o)


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