Friday, May 15, 2009

Showing and Telling # 5

A week or so ago, Hubby and I went garage sale-ing.
We came upon this one sale manned
by two pimply faced teenage boys.
It was about 6 o'clock in the evening
and the sun was setting ...
But they were jumping with enthusiasm
and waved directions pertaining to their wares.
"This pile contains items that are $50 each ...
That pile is $10 each ... The small one over there was $5 each"
My eye caught something I liked in that pile
... but he persisted ...
"And the free stuff pile is around back."
He had me at free ...
Never one to pass up a deal, we venture out back to find the

Now I didn't take pictures of ALLLLLL the free stuff we grabbed
... sorry ...
but today through Kelli's Show and Tell,

Show and Tell

I can introduce you to the ...

Soggy Bottom Bathroom Chair

I knew the potential was there

Under the icky soggy bottom bathroom chair seat

Remove that disgusting blue entity ...

And yes, pop in a pretty basket of pink geraniums ...

And there you have it ...

Someday remove the hanging thingies, and spray paint the chair,

but all in all, a star is born!

What sayeth thou?


  1. I sayth - fabulous find!

    Enjoy your geraniums, they are gorgeous!

  2. What a great idea and how pretty.

  3. Free is my favorite word...that chair is ADORABLE!


  4. What a very neat idea! And FREE -- I am so envious! You sure have a creative eye!


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