Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Away

I actually tore my Hubby away from the busyness of life and we retreated to beautiful Chilliwack and Agassiz. Such spectacular sights and relaxing moments.
We drove around without a care in the world ... we have a GPS in the car so how lost could we get? ... and explored. A new sub-division up on the hills of Harrison Mills has a look out tower. You can see for miles and miles perched up there!
A walk along the Fraser River in Hope was a breeze during low tide. When it is up the water is only about a foot or so deep along the edge, but the 'dry' river rocks were so much easier to walk on AND we were able to make our own version of the 2010 Olympic inukshuk icon. Doesn't he have such broad shoulders!

Not sure what plant has seeds like these, but I thought they were so interesting and wanted you to see them.

And last photo for today are the flags blowing at the Hope Information Centre. Notice the clouds in the background? During the weekend BC got one of it's most exciting lightening, thunder and rain storms. I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of that, but I will share more of our weekend adventures tomorrow.

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