Friday, August 28, 2009

Wild Play Element Park

During the weekend of August 14 - 16th, our family went to
Vancouver Island
to celebrate my father's 80th birthday.
The whole family got together for this grand event and we had a great time.
One of the activities planned was a visit to
Wild Play Element Park
in Nanaimo. Now I didn't go ... an intense fear of heights held me back ...
but my hubby, kids and brother went for the thrill.

See the 'stairway to heaven' in the background?
To me that would even be too much of a thrill ...
but that was just the beginning for these adventurers.

A picture of Genius pondering

just how high they have actually come!

But has no trouble at all with the heights!

Dreamer pushes Genius off the platform
... in a swing

And then gets tangled in a 'spider's web'?
Now as much as I stand in awe of God's handiwork,
it's the awe-ing that I do
standing on the ground that I enjoy.
Do you see the little speck that is Johnny-Girl on the platform?
And the figure precariously perched on the wooded bridge is the Genius.

And these little clips kept them all safe ... in God's Hands of course!

Check out the videos featured on Wild Play website ....

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