Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Joy of Fall

Oh, don't you just love Fall? The last bit of the veggies to be harvested from the raised beds ... Such a bumper crop of crunchy delicious carrots this year!

We were even blessed (?) with a very unusual specimen from the garden patch. Some sort of five pronged orange beast ... I bet it's going to be a real test of agility to peel this carrot!

And the leaves ... oh those leaves!!! Under this bed of beautiful leaves lies a gravel driveway. Every year we have to pick up ALL those leaves so that they do not compost and make a 'mud' driveway next year. For those earth friendly people out there ... I layer my four compost bins with these leaves throughout the year. Fruit and veggie scraps ... brown leaves ... fruit and veggie scraps ... brown leaves ... The makings of the best compost around.

Isn't this a spectacular sight? We have have three junior sized maples in the front of our house. At one time every year, they are three different colours. Orange, yellow, and this striking red. But as evidence of the curse on this generation ... notice the blackberry bramble that has slithered its way through this beauty. Remind me to hack this weed back!

I hope that you are enjoying the colours and joys of fall. Isn't God so good to have given us a feast for the eyes?

1 comment:

  1. Your trees are gorgeous! Our trees in the south are just beginning to turn colors.


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