Friday, October 2, 2009

She Was Showered with Blessings

Well, Karen ... my partner in Bridal Showers Co-Ordination Inc. ... (Tee Hee ... This title makes us sound soooo important!) and I have our 2nd Shower under our belt. And it was a great success ... or at least we thought it went well!

Jennifer received lots of terrific stuff. And you know, I wondering ... if Hubby and I were to say our vows again ... could we get a lot of NEW terrific stuff? My 24 year old shower presents are long since broken, turned ugly, or have gotten lost in the what-not drawer!

During the evening we played a few shower games. One that was well received was the Memory Game of Kitchen Gadgets. Marilyn (on the left) purchased 20 unusual items and attached them to an apron. Jennifer (the Bride-to-Be) slowly walked around the room as we tried to commit to memory ALL of the gadgets. Jennifer leaves the room and we frantically try to write down all the items on paper we remember.

Most of us didn't fare too well with this game. Well, I should say most of us middle-aged contestants didn't do well. The prize went to a girl of 12 ... Way to go Alyssa! Oh to have the memory of a 12 year old again.

And then as with all memorable church events, there was lots of food. We did purchase a large cake for dessert, but opted to ask the ladies to bring savory items for the buffet. Now don't get me wrong, sweets have a very important part in a woman's life, but sometimes too much of a good thing ... is just too much.

And then finally after all of the present opening, Jennifer was donned with the official Bridal Ribbon Bonnet. A goofy tradition that still makes us all smile with glee.

~ * ~

And there you have it. Bridal Shower #2. Now all we have to do is just come up with more games and ideas for the next Shower that's around the corner.

~ * ~

Oh, hey, here's a thought. If you happen to have any ideas that you are willing to share, by all means SHARE away. I'd love to hear what other provinces, states or countries do at their Bridal Showers.

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