Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Finds

Despite the spitting of rain, there were a few garage sales this past Saturday.  One in particular was hosted by Save On Foods (the local grocery store).  All items are donated during the weeks before the event and all proceeds go the the Children's Hospital in Vancouver.  We try to go every year.
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Dreamer and Johnnie-Girl rummaged through the great mountain of donated clothes.  For $5 per stuffed bag, they didn't mind that everything was piled rather than neatly pressed and hung on hangers.  They scored big time, but alas I didn't get any pictures.
~ * ~
Hubby was the faithful pack mule, holding while we searched.  I was able to purchase many books, a DVD, sunglasses, earrings, two nutcracker Christmas ornaments, and four pictures for a modest $5.

The wonderful thing about the pictures is that we had painted our office a lovely soft camel or tan or yellowy brown many weeks ago, but haven't finished moving in the furniture or decorating the walls.  Over my desk we needed a long horizontal picture to off set the long horizontal empty space on the wall.  I have looked at many stores, but never found the 'just right' picture, nor could stomach the $100 to $150 price tag.
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Then along came the garage sale.  $2 for four screen printed pictures PERFECT for the wall.  The brown in the pictures is the exact match for the walls, and the black borders compliment the computer and file cabinets.  I am thrilled.
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The Duggar Family must be right in saying and living the motto

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