Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Palm Springs - Part 15

One of the highlights of The Living Desert is the observance of the feeding of the giraffes ... Alas we missed their feeding time.  Oh well, to see these graceful animals lopping along on their stilt-like legs was wonder enough.

Here is Hubby on the feeding platform.
I am presuming it is high enough to see a giraffe eyeball to eyeball.

Did I mention that we missed feeding time :o(

But aren't they beautiful?

Their buddies the ostriches caught our eye too.


I love that the large animals have such an
expansive area to roam.  Their 'home' seemed to go on and on.

Johnnie-Girl tested out this 'over the fence giraffe viewer' to catch another look. 

And although we missed the giraffe's feeding time, we did not neglect ourselves.  For lunch we took the shuttle back to the cafeteria and ordered up some delicious grub.  Mine was a turkey sandwich on pretzel bread.  Yum-O.

They are very eco friendly at the zoo and this even showed up in the cafeteria.  Dreamer did not receive a straw with her date milk shake as straws are made of plastic and therefore with us for a long, long time.

Notice the toothpick skewers holding my sandwich together?
Some sort of sliver of wood tied in a knot.  Totally impressed me in great presentation.

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