Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Palm Springs - Part 5

One of the most interesting sights of our vacation was the different trees (mostly palm trees) and plants.  Everywhere you turned there was the use of some sort of cactus plant.  So beautiful in their spiky way.

Continuing on with the house tour ... Here is one of the bedrooms. Lovely red, gold, and burgundy colouring.

Large furnishings again were used.  This hallway clock was about 3 ' by 3'.

The guest bathroom right as you entered from the garage was one of my favourite rooms ... if you can believe that!  Just lovely.

Even the laundry room was decorated.  (Sorry ... Not much of a picture here).  Granite counters with deep sink.  Pictures on all four walls.  Decorative baskets above the hanging cupboards.  And the washer and dryer were lightening speed.  They even had a port hole sky light in the ceiling that gave ample light during the day.  Handy for a place like Palm Springs where it rains only a few days a year.

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