Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Church Picnic - 2010

For the past three years our family has hosted the annual church picnic here at our homestead.  Potluck was the name of the game, and there was a delicious assortment of main courses, salads and desserts to share by all.

And the ALL included some 87 mouths to feed.
And we had a wonderful time.

Despite the lack of rain, which led to the crunchy fields of dead grass, we still had to mow the entire five acres in preparation for the picnic.  Amazing how the weeds can spring up to 8 inches high with hardly a drop of water to nourish them!

Dan the Man (Dreamer's boyfriend) was a great help Sunday afternoon.  Setting up tables and chairs, vacuuming down cob webs and ... well ... cheerfully doing the needed Poo Duty.
With two large dogs ... someone had to do it!

One of
the picnic attendees was this little bunny.  He/she was a hit among the young and old alike.

I don't want to offend anyone by posting their snap shot on my blog without permission, so I have opted not to share with you my church family.  ... And unfortunately I forgot completely to take pictures of the wonderful spread of food .... But I did think that I would show you an idea I came up with last year.  Little plastic containers of Jello.  With only about an ounce or so in each one, the kids LOVE them.  Easy and well received.

They hardly compete with the other decadent desserts that were offered, but they provided a certain twist and I am all for thinking outside the box even if it is just a Jello box!

All in all
the picnic was
a great success.

With the help of the entire church family,
it is an amazing way to give of yourself
in the spirit of hospitality.

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