Thursday, September 23, 2010

PNE 2010

Sleepin' Piggy

Peekin' Lhama
Genius and his girlfriend battled the crowds of the PNE
(Pacific National Exhibition) this year.
Not only the normal crowds,
but hoards that came out for
Free Admission Day.

They were brave souls to go that day.
Must come from their youth :o)

Up and up they went

It was back in August that they went, but I forgot about posting some of their pictures.  Later rather than sooner, here they are: 

We live in the west coast of beautiful British Columbia.

Forestry seasoned much of our past
and remains a part of our lives today.
Log Rolling
Intense Lumber Jack Competitions

Then there were Sand Castle displays.

Such intricate and time consuming works of art.

Thankfully it did not rain.

Look at this workmanship! 

To end another perfect day, Genius and Girlfriend decided to display a little of their own artistic talent and abilities.

Nothing like a little graffiti to express your inner you.

PNE 2010 Showcase Talent


  1. Writing from Italy. Your blog is full of great things. Thanks for sharing them with us, far away and dreaming of Canada.

  2. It amazes me that anyone ... especially readers from across this world of ours ... actually read my blog! I am thrilled, humbled and tickled all at the same time. Lori


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