Monday, October 4, 2010

Campbell Valley Park Walk

Oh, the beauty of October.
And landing in one of my top four favourite season too!

The falling leaves, the crisp weather,
the busyness of woodland creatures readying for Winter.  Lovely.

Drawn by the autumn winds, Hubby and I did an almost scandalous thing on Sunday and skipped church.

We headed out to an affluent new sub-division in Langley called High Point ...  Very ritzy, very equestrian ... and toured a few of their show homes.  They sell in the $1 - $2 million range, but it doesn't cost anything to take a look :o)

After that we happened upon Campbell Valley Park.  The weather was perfect, so we decided to take a hike ... literally.  Lower Lake Loop is described as easy hiking and measures 2.3 kms.  Didn't sound too daunting.  And really it wasn't.  We rested only once (for me to catch my breath) and enjoyed the exercise.

We were surprised how much wild life there was.  Ducks swam in the water and hunkered down in the marshland.

Black and brown squirrels abounded and were not the least bit afraid of us.  Their tameness was probably due to the fact that many walkers leave seeds for them to eat.

Although I am not sure of the 'nature factor' of feeding wild animals, I must admit it certainly added interest to the walk to see them up close.

Along the way the trees were majestic and the winding path added variety around each turn.

And the birds ... so many different types of birds.

And, thankfully for me, there were a few benches along the path too.

And of course the fallen leaves.
I'm such a sucker for the crunch of walking on dried leaves.

And at the end of the hike, Hubby and I sat at a picnic table and read to each other until not only had we completed our little book, but had used up all of the day light.
~ * ~
What a wonderful day to add to my Wonderful Life Collection.
~ * ~
I do hope that you take time to walk on some fallen leaves.  And be sure to tell me about it too :o)

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