Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Church Open House

Bible verse painted on church foyer wall
On Saturday, October 16th we were invited to attend the Grand Opening of the Aldergrove Canadian Reformed Church.  Hubby and I certainly love looking at new construction ... especially churches. 

Just before the cutting of the ribbon, Hubby bumped into an acquaintance of his.  Upon introduction to his wife, I discovered that she had an integral part in the church design ... specifically the kitchen.  As I leaped inside, I asked if she could give me a private tour.  She consented and off we went for 2 1/2 hours of informative enjoyment.  Call me weird, but really ... everyone has a passion.  I 'heart' architecture and design.

With your permission, I will share some of the really good ideas that they had ...

Linoleum just in front of their kitchen serving counter that opens into the carpeted fellowship hall.

Smart thinking for those inevitable spills and mishaps.

I had inquired about this piece of counter top leaning against a wall in a side storage room ...

Celia told me that between the two islands in the center of their 'spectacular' kitchen there was a metal lip upon which the counter piece could be placed IF more island space was needed.  Otherwise, the 'between' space acted as a walk-through or for storage of garbage cans etc.  You have to see it, to appreciate it.

Lovely new appliances and stainless steel sinks

I was excited about the dishes that they purchased for their church.  Commercial bone china ... if you can believe it.

Durable but light.  The large sauce r doubles under the soup / dessert bowl AND acts in its regular role as coffee / tea saucer.  WOW!

Board room table curved OUT to enable adequate viewing of all sitting down

Lovely etched glass on bottom pane in sanctuary windows
I thought this was a good idea too.  Some of the views from the sanctuary windows are not pleasant.  AND it is distracting seeing someone walking by outside the windows during the service.  These etched panes allow the light to come in yet significantly lowers the distraction level.

And finally I
what they chose behind the pulpit.  Muted tan coloured stone with simple pot lights from above.

In my opinion it's timeless.

Aldergrove Canadian Reformed Church

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