Thursday, October 7, 2010

Health Store Draw Basket

A while ago, Hubby and I attended a health fair at a neighbouring Health Food Store.  I bumped into two ladies that I haven't seen for years and so spent the majority of my time 'talking'.

Now in my books, talking is a necessity of life.  It brings joy to me and maybe even passing some degree of joy to others.

A time to share our triumphs and challenges ... and we all experience both.

But back to the fair ... While visiting with my friends, Hubby sampled organic goodies had a complimentary therapeutic neck and shoulder massage, and put his name into a draw.

He came out of it with a tummy full of goodness,
a kink-free neck and upper back,
and you guessed it ... a winning ticket!

The store phoned here yesterday and shared the joy ... see how talking spreads a little sunshine? ... and I promptly hopped into the car and sped to retrieve his basket.

Mostly organic, the items included:

Tooth paste gel
Mustard Bath (Hmm that will be interesting)
Apple chips

Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar Drink (not too bad)

Dental floss

An official Ear Wax Removal Kit (Everyone needs one of those!)

A pack of  special 'guaranteed to freshen your breath' chewing gum

Some little pots of eye and face makeup

A collection of individual mouth wash packets

A little bottle of sea salt
And half a dozen sets of wooden disposable cutlery sets.  With the term 'set', I mean knife and spork ... an odd utensil that acts as fork and spoon.

A great haul.  Always fun to stretch ourselves and try new things.

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