Monday, October 18, 2010

Just a Trim Off the Back, Please

Would you trust your daughter with a pair of scissors ... around your head?

I do.

Granted no need for a 'Noble Peace in the Family Prize' here.  I don't think that it has much to do with the trust factor so much as a cheap gene.

And a lazy pair of jeans thrown in as well.

You see, my hair grows at an astronomical pace.  How could I justify paying someone to cut my hair on a regular basis ... and where do I get the time?

Years ago when my hair was long and ... well ... just long ... Hubby squeezed his fingers into a pair of professional hair dressing scissors given to me by my sweet mother.

Now there was trust!

But I reasoned ... we had no money, and if he messed up, HE was the one who most cared about how I looked ... and besides, ALL hair-dos grow out ... eventually.

So today it's ... Snip snip snip

The kitchen floor is littered with my Nice n Easy coloured hair.

It's cheap, super fast, and proves to be a great bonding experience
~ * ~
I figure my hair style ... or lack thereof ... isn't the only thing holding me back
from becoming the next Miss Canadian Beauty Queen.

I can't twirl a baton!

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