Thursday, October 14, 2010

To the Dump ... To the Dump

To the dump, dump, dump ... Add a bit of background music and our monthly trip to the dump almost sounds glamorous ... Okay, I said almost.

Living on a rural property, and running a home business in construction, our family generates its fair share of waste.

Now before you jump on my back about saving the earth ...We compost every scrap of fruit and vegetable waste, and we recycle all paper, cardboard, plastic, glass jars, and tin cans.  Come to think of it, I'm rather a card carrying Recycling Maniac.
And yet we still have garbage cans galore to take to the dump transfer station.

Wikipedia says ... A transfer station is a building or processing site for the temporary deposition of waste. Transfer stations are often used as places where local waste collection vehicles will deposit their waste cargo prior to loading into larger vehicles. These larger vehicles will transport the waste to the end point of disposal in an incinerator, landfill, or hazardous waste facility, or for recycling.

About once every month or so, we (okay mostly hubby) load up the filled garbage cans into one of our trailers. 

The garbage trailer is in desperate need of a paint job, is quite rusted out, but it does a good job despite its sad exterior.
(I can relate to this trailer on so many levels ... tee hee)

Garbage Conveyor Belt

Our local transfer station is run very efficiently.

Cardboard Bin

 Not only are we able to bring our household waste to throw into this huge garbage eating machine, but they allow a vast array of donations.
One bin provides a place for our piles of flattened cardboard boxes.

Metal Mountain

For any metal that we have, we are instructed to 'fling' it onto this monstrosity.

Looks to me like a bizarre
modern art sculpture!

Dirt, and weeds, and sticks .. Oh my!

And finally the disposal of any yard waste.

Each component of our waste is carefully separated and hopefully used in an earth friendly way.

Canadians have a great opportunity to help retain a beautiful ... and wonderful world.

Do you do your part?

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