Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Laundry Room - Part 2

 First remove the cabinet doors ... no wait I haven't had them on for 15 years!
First remove all the junk worldly possessions from the cabinets.

 Then hubby begins to unscrew the base cabinet from the wall.
You know in these pictures the old stuff doesn't look too bad.
Ha I chuckle ... don't be fooled.  

 These 35 year old cupboards with their leafy countertops were crying to be replaced.
The person whom we purchased the house from some 15 years ago
obviously took advice from the selling realtor
and 'updated' the cabinets before putting the house on the market.
Nothing like a coat of white paint slapped on over
molded jam smears, strands of hair and untold grime to tidy the place up.
Believe me ... it was time for them to go.

 And away they went.

 Next the upper cabinets.

 Genius helped with the demolition.

One screw, two screw, three screw more ... and the cabinets came tumbling down!

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