Friday, December 3, 2010

Fat Quarters and Smelly Candles

I have been a little 'under-the-weather' lately and unfortunately, posting to my blog has been a low priority.  Today I share with you a little this and that.  Don't worry, we are still making progress on my laundry room renovation and I will show update pictures soon.

Last night I went to a 'New Things' presentation at one of my favourite quilting stores, A Great Sewing Notion.  Two hours of showing and telling of the latest and greatest notions, patterns and must-haves.  With an incentive of 15% off last night, I purchased my first ever Fat Quarter Pack.

For those not in the know, a Fat Quarter is an 18" by 22" piece of fabric.  Four Fat Quarters make up roughly one yard (or meter ... depending where you live).  My new pack is from a fabric line by Jenny Haskins and includes 18 Fat Quarters that although vary in pattern and colour, blend beautifully together.  I hope to share with you a quilt made from the pack soon.
As a side note, if you look carefully in the pictures, you will see two recent thrift store finds.  The Christmas basket full of many different Christmas floral picks and ribbon was only $2.50.  SCORE!  The gold candle holder base was only $1.50.  I added to that a red candle and hurricane lamp to make a Christmas centerpiece.

And speaking of candles ... when I came home last night, I found this shocking display.

Hubby decided that the new 'Cedar Vanilla Spice' candles I purchased were a bit too aromatic for his liking.  Apparently the 'delicate' scent carried an overwhelming punch all the way up the stairs and into his office thus making desk work virtually impossible.

Go figure!

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