Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How do you show love?

Today is Valentine's Day 2012

I met my husband almost 28 years ago.  Married him almost 27 years ago.  Want to still be with him 27 + 27 = 54 years from now.  After that we plan to see each other in heaven ... for eternity.  We're stuck together that way ... he and I ... him and me ... hubby and wife.  I can't imagine life without him.

To celebrate the many past Valentine's Days that we have spent together, I have certainly received my overly generous share of flowers and chocolates ... But this year enough was enough.  Flowers are beautiful, but so over priced this time of year.  Chocolates ... well you know I WANT them, just don't need the calories associated with them.

So I begged hubby not to shower me with either.

And other than an Oh Henry! chocolate bar that he brought out and we shared at breakfast, he kept to his word.

Yet to my  immense glee and surprise that wonderful man gave me something even better than flowers and chocolate. 

A hand written poem

Hours after he had gone off to work, I found it on my desk waiting for me.
Of course, it was longer than this first line, but some things, like Valentine's Day love poems , should remain private ... you understand.
~ * ~ * ~
But on a similar note, I was pleased with the Valentine's Day short animation that appeared on the Google site this morning.

It’s the classic story of boy woos girls — but in the form of a Google doodle.

The search engine created a sweet, Valentine’s Day-themed musical animation for its homepage. In the minute-long video, scored to the tune of Tony Bennett’s “Cold, Cold Heart,” a smitten boy Googles ways to win the heart of his beloved — a rope-skipping brunette who wants nothing to do with him.

First, the boy Googles flowers, and offers her a single red rose. Rejected.

Then, a box of chocolates. Rebuffed. 

A green sweater, balloon animal, pie and live rabbit also fail to do the trick. The object of his affection continues to skip, ignoring any and all advances.

Dejected, the boy re-emerges at the end of the video holding a jump rope to skip beside his amour. This, at last, is the key to her heart, and together, they skip in sync.

What a wonderful way to show love ... without all the stuff.

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