Monday, August 20, 2012

Garage Sale Finds

On Saturday, after HOURS of doing chores around the farm, hubby and I started out in search of garage sales ... at 2:00 pm!  We figured that nothing of merit was left, but people may be more prone to cut their prices late in the day.  Here are the few things we bought.
Home-made soap with essential oils --- 2 for $5.00
I enjoy good bars of soap

 Although I possess a complete aversion to vermin ... I love this movie.  I've been looking for it at a garage sale for a long time.  She had the xbox game out on her sale table for sale, and after she heard how sad I was that it was a game and not the movie, she went off into her house and brought out the DVD.

 She also had these perfect-shape dollar store stuffies.  For my grand babies room, of course.
10 cents each

 Oh boy, are there ever a lot of kids clothes at garage sales.  I scored this little swim suit for $1.00.  I have to quit getting stuff for the grand baby.  She still has a month and a half yet to go before she even arrives into this world!

 Moving sales are the best for getting stuff like lawn care products.  Three unopened bags for $2.00.  Enough to refresh my front yard at least.

 Nice basket --- 25 cents

 And finally a curly legged end table.  I hope to one day paint it a shade of white and put it in between the twin beds ... when Genius decides to move out.

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