Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall Flower Blossoms

Another enjoyable day! I had a bit of time to put together a few Fall flower arrangements for display at our church. I went hunting through my home for containers and came up with two large baskets, a recently acquired vase that reminds me of a large acorn, and a tall metal vase with handles. I am not an expert as you can very well see, but they will do. Much better than the 'nothing' that was there.

~ * ~ All to the glory of God ~ * ~
I spoke with my daughter, the 'Dreamer', this morning. Many happy words pass between us on Skype knowing that they are all for free! We spoke about how we should use our individual talents for God in home, church and career. Don't be shy ... All of us have them. And they were given to us by Him to use.
Bring them to the fore front, dust them off, polish them up, and

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