Sunday, November 2, 2008

Quilt Room

My Hubby is the owner of a beautiful work shop ... if 'beautiful' is the proper adjective you use for a work shop. For years he crammed his tools into a 400 square foot building. A pretty ridiculous concept now that we look back. Something had to be done. So a few yers ago his dream shop was built: A 2,000 square foot structure with sky lights, windows, doors AND a 14' high garage door. For a tradesman, my Hubby had arrived!

And right on his heels was me ... "Whatcha going to do with the 400' shop?" I sweetly asked him. Never being able to resist my sweet talk, the idea of a dream quilt room began!

In my dreams, however, nothing seems to go in fast forward speed. So it has been with this quilt room. Slowly but surely there has been progress. The room has been mostly emptied. The walls filled with paste and sanded. The corners have been painted their first coat.

Isn't it beautiful?

Of course, I will keep you posted with the progress during the next many weeks. We hope to work on it most Saturdays and some week nights. The word 'work' doesn't quite fit here as each step is sheer joy to me. I consider myself one lucky girl.

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