Saturday, January 17, 2009

Crystal Sleigh

After almost two months, I have returned. Probably nobody has missed me, but that is okay. I am doing this for me. A journey of my not-so-exciting yet worthwhile life.

Christmas has come and gone. My two youngest have come and gone back to university in South Caraolina. And now it is back to regular business.

One of things that I have missed has been my visiting thrift stores in the area. I happened upon one last week as I had a few hours between appointments.

Looky what I found ... A crystal candy dish sleigh. It is simply wonderful yet alas the pictures don't do it justice. It is a shame too that I have to store it away for a year before I can put it on display, but what a pleasant surprise it will be!

I hope that you had a blessed Christmas!


  1. I wondered if you were coming back! Yes, you were missed-- I had just found you through Kelli's Show and Tell! Glad you are back!
    :o) Karyl (Carol)
    in Illinois

  2. Karyl, you have made my day! "I am missed" ... What a nice thing for me to hear. You inspire me. Thank you.


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