Friday, November 7, 2008

Showing and Telling # 2

Show and Tell

Kelli over at "There is No Place Like Home", hosts an amazing Show and Tell each Friday. I have joined once before and thoroughly enjoy the different blogs that are showcased. A great way to see what other bloggers are up to.

Today I would like to share a book that I purchased at a thrift store years ago. It is entitled The New Dictionary of Thoughts published in 1959. I consider it one of my most valued reference books.

In years gone by I have created many a bulletin board for church hallways, and many a church flyer or bulletin entry using quotes and thoughts from this edition.

Can you read this interesting quote on this page?

A great thought is a great boon, for which God is to be first thanked,
then he who is the first to utter it,
and then, in a lesser,
but still in a consideraable degree,
the man who is the first to quote it to us.
~ Bovee ~

Love the creative way that they made the index.

This preface, if you can read it, details how Tryon Edwards first compiled a book of quotes in 1852 under the title JEWELS FOR THE HOUSEHOLD. Huh, I wonder if people back then were more refined in their speech and careful in what they said.

Thanks for looking at my Show and Tell


  1. That is so cool! I love quotes, as you can tell is you visit my blog, lol. I really like the index page too, how neat.

  2. That's very cool - that's the most inventive index I've ever seen!


  3. That is a way cool book. I would love something like that...I am always typing in phrase into Google...thanks for sharing.

  4. That is really an interesting book! I can see how it would be helpful on many occasions:)
    Linda C

  5. Love the index, is that cool or what?

  6. What a great book...I love the old ones. And a book of thoughts, a treasure!


  7. what a wonderful book and that index is magical

  8. I've always enjoyed and used quotation books. I have three on my bookshelves. The index in your book is unique.

  9. What a wonderful book, I love reading quotes, too!


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