Monday, February 16, 2009

Post Valentine's Day Update

Well, I had a lovely Valentine's Weekend. Hubby came home with a beautiful arrangement of flowers on Friday. He is so thoughful in that he purchased this particular arrangement because it included a white bowl as a vase. This is the sweet part, as he knows that I am slowly collecting white bowls and plates for serving company. One thing about white ... you can change the table cloth and napkins easily for different occasions and season. Food looks good on white too. Soooo the extra thought about the future use of the white bowl/vase was just another reason I married the man!

He asked what I would like to do on Saturday, and I piped up LAMINATE for my sewing room. So out we were for a few hours in the morning, having a good old time laying 1/4 of the laminate planks down.

Sorry, but I only got a picture of the first two rows, but you get the idea. I will of course post the finished floor soon.

In the afternoon our Genius Son had to drive in to Burnaby to a fish shop (he is building a salt water fish tank and needed yet more supplies). He played chauffeur to my Hubby and I and dropped us off at IKEA for lunch and a bit of shopping.

I know some of you might question our 'romantic' choice for Valentine's Day activity and meal choice, but frankly ... you are not us. We had a lovely time.

I hope that you had a wonderful, relationship building time on Valentine's. Please drop a note below under 'Notes to Lori' about what you did. I would love to hear. Maybe Hubby and I will plan ahead and do what you did this year ... next year.

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