Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bedding Some Plants

Yesterday was a beautiful, sun-shiny day!
We hit a few uneventful garage sales in the mid-afternoon
and came home to dinner while watching a DVD.
It's almost summer now, so the Lord
keeps the lights on later and later.
We had time for those hanging baskets and containers!

I prepare the 'dirt' with 3/4 of a container
of good quality potting soil,
1/8 th of peat moss, and 1/8 th of perilite.

I have been too cheap to purchase large ornate containers
(maybe next year I will splurge), so I used what I had.

On some blog I read a few weeks ago, a gardener
used wicker baskets for her containers.
They were weathered, but still functional.
I found this one at a garage sale and it even had a plastic liner.
And it was for free.
Bonus when you are experimenting!

We were also thrilled when we found these
'baby' Western Red Cedars for $2.00 each.
We have them planted along the edge of our property and
are always looking to fill in a few more spots.
As soon as they are established, they shoot to the sky!

Later in the evening
... you can't see them yet ...
but my pea plants are growing!

Lettuce seeds from last year took root this year
and I have a bunch of lettuce seedlings to transplant
to another bed.

Last night Hubby worked hard and put in a water line
to the INSIDE of my green house!
How lucky of me to have married him for his
rugged good looks, and he turned out to be quite the handy man.

He even attached a new hose winder AND a new hose
to the raised bed garden!
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
Later I will post pictures of my bedding plants

and vegetables as they flourish.

How is your garden growing?

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