Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fort Langley

On Monday we picked up Grandma W
and headed to Fort Langley.
Not the actual historic fort,
but the trendy ... happening ... yet quaint
Fort Langley

First stop was the Gelato Shop
Yum Yum
The cool treat was sensational yet
the little boy icon appeared somewhat sinister!
Next a walk down the almost deserted main street
to the Fort Langley Courthouse circa 1932

You might recognize this beautiful building from
a few different movies
as Fort Langley and the lower mainland
of Beautiful British Columbia
has played back drop to many films

Wendel's is another hot spot to visit ...
Although it houses a captivating bookstore ...
Wendel's has a cute cafe that is always bustling with activity
~ A must- go destination ~
So we went for coffee to warm up!

Directly across the street from Wendel's is
the old Fort Langley train stop

As we were taking pictures and sipping our coffee's
the Canadian Pacific Railroad train zips by.
I hardly had a chance to grab this blurred shot
as it zoooooomed by

And finally this is a close up of the old abandoned tracks.
I wonder what tales they can tell?

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