Monday, June 1, 2009

Cutting the Cost of Dishwashing in HALF

Just staying inside today trying to stay cool.
For Beautiful British Columbia it is pretty hot out there!
After lunch I loaded up the dishwasher with the dishes.
Oooops out of soap again ...
Then I remembered that I hadn't shared
this nifty frugal tip with you ...

If you use Electrasol dishwasher soap, you'll be thrilled with this trick.

Unwrap about 10 of the little tablets.

With two hands ... thumbs and index fingers working together,

simply push and snap the tablets in half.

The little red ball usually stays on one side or the other,

but sometimes it separates from both pieces.

I alternate using the half with the red ball one day

and then the red-less half the other.

Don't worry ... be happy!

I have been using a half tablet of Electrasol for years

and my dishes come out just fine ... for half the price!!!

Oh I should confess that is was my dad who originally gave me this tip. He used a hack saw to cut them in two though.

Toooo much unnecessary work for this girl!

I hope that I made your day with this tip :o)

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