Friday, July 10, 2009

Sushi Supper

Sushi Time in the Summer

I have had the pleasure to go out for Sushi
TWICE in the last few weeks.
Once with my daughter the Dreamer
for our annual Sushi night out together
And then the second time with my dear Hubby.
He had NEVER had Sushi before so I sorta dared him.
I am not too daring myself, so we just had an order of
a California Roll, Dynamite Roll and a beautiful plate
of Vegetable Tempura
I made the mistake and forgot to take a picture
of the plate of Sushi when it arrived, so you have to settle
for an almost empty one.
One of the best things about a Sushi meal is the presentation.
Presentation is Everything
Hope that you have tried Sushi.
If not,

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  1. Lori-
    Had to watch as I have new Chinese in laws! My brother recently brought his new Chinese family to live here in Illinois! I do not speak Chinese so getting use to their food and rituals is very interesting to say the least! Somewhat like Japan! The fish -- and the payment are both similiar to Japan. Try getting groceries at Wal-mart and because you are family they think they must pay or you hurt their feelings! :o)(my brother does not know how to handle this one!) I am trying the food but Chinese fish looks different for some reason-- I ask my sister in law what kind and she says not kind it fish! Just do not eat the head she says! Humor - Lots of Humor is speaking on both sides! Thanks for Sharing and as for Sushi I stick to the cooked fish for now!
    in Illinois


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