Monday, November 16, 2009

Butler's Pantry - Part 5 of 5

Well we got 'er done. The Butler's Pantry is officially complete! Looking back it really didn't take that long once we put our minds to it. Probably arranging things back on their shelves was the most time consuming.

I had purchased this curly metal hanger a LONG time ago hoping one day to incorporate it into the room. My Tupperware strainers fit perfectly on it don't you think? We made a trip to Home Depot and purchased a very inexpensive double track light to replace the ugly single light bulb fixture we had been using. The new one is brown metal and matches the curly hanger.

Next came all the dish sets that I have been finding at Thrift Stores lately. I had promised to show you them, so here is a sweeping view. Hopefully later I will set up some Tablescapes so that you can share in my new found joy.

Wow, looks like I may have gone a bit over board!

All in all I am so pleased. Items are shelved in an orderly fashion, the room is clean and bright, and everything is easily accessible ... I wonder how long this will last? :o)

1 comment:

  1. Hey! All you are missing are FIFTY RED PLATES. :-)

    Your pantry is turning out GREAT -- what wonderful storage space. It is so much easier to keep things nice, the more room you have.

    I'm seeing some very interesting things on your shelves -- hurry up with those Tablescapes, girl!

    We have a walk in pantry, that is off our Powder Room, off the dining room -- I call it The Potty Pantry, much to my family's horror.

    heck, I don't keep FOOD in there!



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