Monday, January 4, 2010

Building Houses

Can you believe it? The Christmas season that we have long looked forward to, has come and now has gone ALREADY. Other than the few extra pounds acquired from the assortment of goodies, Christmas of 2009 is just a memory. But good memories are one of man's greatest gifts. And in this household they are often home made ... One of our favourite long time family traditions is the making of Gingerbread Houses.

We first start with an assortment of candies and many other add-ons like kernel popcorn, crackers, drink powder, marshmallows etc etc.

Some members of our family look to architectural plans for inspiration ... even castle plans! Lofty dreams by the Dreamer daughter :o) Most just create as they go along.

Our passion for House Building has long since surpassed simple gingerbread and icing. In fact, we don't even use Gingerbread any more. Far too impractical for the likes of our creative minds. We bring in graham crackers for their sturdiness, a glue gun for quick building, and assorted knives for shaving the perfect shapes.

For my creation, I needed the structural support of an inverted bowl. Covering it with plastic protects it from possible glue poisoning and makes for easy clean up. All is fair and useful in our building construction night.

And finally we used icing for its simple beauty, ease in adding colour and needed 'stucco' to our structures. Royal icing is the best (I will post a recipe tomorrow), but we also used cheap ready made icing.

Tomorrow I will share the finished 'houses'. Great fun was had by all.

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