Sunday, March 7, 2010

Murder Mystery

My three young-adult children lead very full and active social lives. I often envy them for the fun and interesting things they do with their friends. Recently they attended a 23 year old's birthday. Every year she holds a party in honour of herself and every year she tops herself creatively.
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This year was a Murder Mystery. Three and half hours of intense mind work. Who is who? What clue leads to what clue? ... And all while in character.
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Although I didn't get any pictures of the other participants, my three and Genius' friend dressed for the event here at our home, and I captured some of the pre-murder mystery thrill.

Dreamer was a Gypsy, but secretly she was a rich girl who had been put under a spell by a man and was running away to marry him.

Johnnie-Girl was Sister Agnes but secretly she was the evil pirate Bloody Mary.

Genius was donned with the garb of Slippery Pete, a retired pirate ... but was secretly a Bishop. His friend was the character Maggie Brown. No secret identity. Just Maggie Brown.

Alas on the opposite end of the spectrum are us 'old' and boring middle agers. Content with a few dinner parties and coffee times.

Note to Self: Get a Life!

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