Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Mouthful

On Tuesday, I hosted our church's Ladies Bible Study and Get Together. I love these gals a lot. Over the years we have shared in much laughter and in our sorrows. On this particular Tuesday, two of the ladies brought their youngest children. They had a blast running around our five acres and playing in the tree houses while we visited.
It was during this time that my youngest, Johnnie-Girl, was hurrying off to one of her university classes and happened upon the happy gang of kids.
The youngest boy in the group pipes up 'I ATE A SLUG'.

Johnnie-girl, being a mature and intelligent 18 year old, pondered this fact and inquired as to why he would have WILLINGLY eaten a slug.

He responded matter of factually ...
~ * ~
'Huh' I say matter of factually
... Out of the mouths of babes ...
Or should I say INTO the mouths of babes!

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