Friday, April 30, 2010

Bumf - Word of the Day

Today I needed to look up a word that I had sent in an email.  Most friends ignore my typos, slang and other mis-use of words But sometimes I second guess myself and think that I may offend with words that I don't quite know the meaning for ... ?  of ...? ... See?  I can't even write!

While looking up the meaning for a possibly offensive word (TRICKSTER) at, I happened to glance in the right margin.  There I found a few words-of-the-day.  Of course, I read and quickly put to memory all of them (snicker snicker), but thought that I would share one with you.  Not only for your betterment, but you see I have nothing else to post, so this will have to do ... ?  due? ... suffice for today  :o)


Pronunciation  [buhmf]                                                                      
– noun British origin 

1. Slang for toilet paper
2. Memorandum, official notices, or the like


Use it in a sentence and impress your friends.

1 comment:

  1. I will most definitely use bumf whenever possible! - CR


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