Thursday, April 22, 2010

I See Yellow

SCORE ... Last week Johnnie-Girl and I frequented a number of thrift stores in a neighbouring town. A few days prior she landed a summer job at Focus on the Family and consequently needed a few additions to her wardrobe. She is so excited that the dress requirement is professional ... such a dramatic and welcoming change from the grunge dress code worn at her last job which was at a dog boarding kennel ... but I digress ...
~ * ~
Take a look at the great find I purchased that day ...

I almost over looked this treasure ... a dusty box of yellow melamine platters and a few dishes. Used, but only gently. I couldn't imagine how anyone could make use of so many platters?

Then I thought outside the box ... Platters can be dishes ... Duh
Perfect for picnics or kids or camping or casual Saturdays
~ * ~
36 large platters for main course
31 medium platters for smaller appetites
19 small platters for desserts
8 regular sized round plates for serving
and 1 small plate just for good measure
~ * ~
I am thrilled with this find that only put me back $10

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