Friday, April 23, 2010

Here Horsey Horsey

Oh the unexpected joys of rural living. It is hard to believe ... at least to my husband and I ... that we have had the privilege to live on five simple acres of paradise. We had spent our first 10 years of marriage building and flipping 'yuppy executive' homes in Surrey, and needed a change. For a year and a half we searched for a homestead that we could afford. Gone were the new homes, manicured lawns and bustling city life ... we wanted out. One day I will share with you our farm restoration story, but for this post I will convey one of the joy factors of rural living.

The beautiful beasts of farm life. We had our years of owning horses and ponies. Not only for the fun of it, but also for great training for the kids. Every day, as part of our home schooling regime, I had the youngin's brush down, pamper, feed and water the horses and clean up their stalls. You had to give the little guys a lot of credit for looking after a pet that out weighed them by more than 1,000 lbs.

But for the last many years, the kids have grown up and have gone down other paths. We have , however, been fortunate enough to have a neighbour, more like a right-next-door grandmotherly type, who not only LOVES my kids, but LOVES for my kids to come over and enjoy her horses. This arrangement certainly saves on horse feed!

What a wonderful life we lead.
Thanks, Berta, for being there for us and for
opening up your heart!

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