Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mother's Day - 2010

Ah, yes, Mother's Day 2010.  I remember it well.  But alas I forgot all about posting about it on my blog.  Please allow this belated sharing time.

After church on Mother's Day our family loaded into the SUV and headed to Agassiz ... about a 45 minute scenic drive.

Agassiz is a very small town in British Columbia.  And in our opinion there is only one place to eat ... Jack's.  You can't miss it ... yep Agassiz is THAT small.

As a starter, I ordered a Greek salad.  One of my favourites.  Then I had Σουβλάκι (a chicken souvlaki dinner).  Three skewers of tender chicken, baked potato, green beans, nan bread with that sauce that starts with the letter "T" and I can't remember how to pronounce.  All was top notch.  Did I mention that the dinner included a hot fudge sundae?  Eaten too fast to snap a picture.

Continuing on ... Dreamer is always adventuresome at restaurants and tried a starter of escargot.  Yep, snails.  And she even let me have one.  You know, I thought it would be rubbery, but it wasn't bad at all.

Here is Hubby and I.  Happy happy happy.

And the kids.  Those countless trips to the Orthodontist have paid off in this one picture.

The quiet main street of Agassiz.
Look at those mountains!

Genius patiently waiting for us to saunter down the street.

I like this picture of the kids.  Reminds me of some cheap spy movie.

I wanted to get some pictures on the jungle gym they had in the playground, but as soon as the girls climbed up, a young family came along.  I told my girls that they could easily take on the the little toddlers and claim their status as Queens of the playground, but they were good girls and graciously released their thrones.

Genius took this shot.  Don't we look like giants?


An old train car is on display for us tourists.

Train travel has sure changed over the years.

My toes on the train deck.

Dreamers toes walking the rail.

And then after Agassiz we went on to Harrison Hot Springs for coffee and a perfect end to a perfect day.
 ~ * ~
Hope that your Mother's Day was as memorable as mine.

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