Thursday, May 27, 2010

Palm Springs - Part 3

Vacation is no time to post on a blog.
Too much going on and much too much fun.
But I will try to give you a few more shots of this dream vacation home.

We have found that the exteriors of homes in Palm Springs, CA are quite similar to each other.  Tile roofs are the norm.  And stucco exterior is prevalent.  It looks like everyone has a landscaper and pool boy.

Not complaining though as the overall effect is very grand indeed.

Check out this beautiful chandelier hanging in the foyer.

Tile flooring is spectacular.

Although we don't drink, I can appreciate and share with you the bar off of the dining and living room.  The designer has a wonderful sense of detail.

This living room picture is a bit dark.  Remember that I only use a point and shot camera.  As you walk into the foyer, you look on into the living room, and out onto the deck and pool area.  You are wowed as soon as you enter this house.

The house is full of accessories to add to the luxury feel of the home.

Again this picture does not do the dining room justice.  High ceilings really add that certain something.

This is a seven foot mural painting in the dining room.  Beauty.

The lighting in the whole house continues with the grandness.

And then back to life in the pool where we have spent much of this vacation.  One night the winds were fierce and a pool chair was swept into the deep end.  Hubby's brute strength rescued it from the pool depths.

The girls peeking out from the hot tub and into the pool.

And me ... on vacation in Palm Springs ... bobbing along with the help of a pool noodle.  What a wonderful life!

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