Sunday, May 23, 2010

Palm Springs - Part 2

Well, what a wonderful life that I live!  Allegiant Airlines safely carried us from Bellingham, WA to Palm Springs, CA.  I held me eyes closed from the the time of take off till we leveled off above the clouds but was given a vivid commentary by hubby of the aerial sights.  The two hours over the clouds were easy.  The descent was not so easy.  Rough winds, but a graceful landing. 
Welcome to Palm Springs, CA

The vacation home we rented in beyond belief.  I have decided to post pictures of different rooms or events each day.  For today you get to share in the excitement of the free form pool, hot tub (spa) and the back yard.

Waterfalls and bubbling water ... wonderful sights and sounds.  And salt water too.  Supposed to be gentle on the skin.

This area of the pool provides shelter from the sun, but a cool seat in shallow water.  Oh the life!

Many steps down into the pool.  Deepest area is about 6 feet.                 
 Johnnie Girl and Dreamer enjoy the opportunity to 'gently and gradually' build up their tan.

I am having a horrible time with this internet and my little lap top ... so I will close with this picture.  A close up of  the naked mermaid holding a fish.  I think that the fountain is rather beautiful up close like this.

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