Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Child's Gift

Today I had the pleasure of visiting with a young mother from our church.  Although our church is not overly large, it does seem difficult at times to 'catch the latest news' from everyone.  I am lucky if I get in ONE good conversation after the morning service.
Desperate times required desperate actions ... 
so I invited myself over.

I believe that it was much easier for herself and her three little ones to stay in their familiar stomping grounds rather than let them be bored to tears at my place where the youngest occupant is 19 years old.

Her kids are very well behaved and it was a joy to see them playing together.  Laughing and giggling like happy children should.  It brought back happy memories of when ours were that age.

Upon arrival, the two oldest presented me with gifts.  JoRo, almost 3, shyly gave me a Tigger, Eeyore, and Roo colouring page.  His sister informed that he doesn't colour very well and that he wanted me to colour it at home.  I assured her that I would.

She then proudly gave me a book that she had created herself filled with pictures and lettering. ReRo, not even 5 years old, proved to be an accomplished author as you can see by these pictures.  I should mention, as well, that ReRo is not only a author/artist, but is also quite the orator.  She wowed me with millionaire words like 'deliberately' used CORRECTLY in a sentence.

Very impressive.

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