Thursday, July 1, 2010

Palm Springs - Part 17 and The End

It has been over a month that we have returned from our vacation in Palm Springs, and, yes, I am dragging it out into yet one more post.  

So many posts are of possible interest to you dear readers, but I use this blog for a journal for me.  Middle aged like I am, it is easy for forget details.  This way I don't have to think, just go back a few posts!

As you can see, we did do a fair bit of eating.  Vacations are the best times to indulge in special foods that you normally don't fit into your budget.  Pretzels are great, but sugar and cinnamon coated pretzels sticks are even better!

I don't want to gross you out, but simply share with you this amazing toilet that we saw at an outlet mall.  You press the green square button on the top of the toilet and the plastic sleeve that protects the actual toilet seat revolves around and gives you a clean, sanitary 'throne' each time.

Sooo cool ... if you are into such things that is :o)

I teased many a lady at church about how I would send each one an email with a picture of Hubby and I in Speedo and string bikini bathingsuits.  Although I never got it into emails, I will post the alleged photo on my blog for ALL to see.

Here we are in all of our glory!

And finally the flight home.  Up over the mountains, over what looks like the Simpson's Nuclear Power Plant,

And to the snow covered mountains of home.

Thank you for sharing with my family's adventure in Palm Springs.

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