Friday, June 11, 2010

Palm Springs - Part 11

Ugh.  What takes you, dear blog readers, a minute to read, usually takes me about 30 - 40 minutes to put together.  Today, it will take twice that long.  I down loaded many pictures ready to post and had finished about 3/4 of today's post, when my little finger hit some key and WHAM everything was gone.  Ugh.

Here we go again ... Our next stop at The Living Desert was the outdoor miniature train display.

I will post many pictures today to help you visualize this marvelous display.  Keep in mind that it is ALL outdoors.  Hard to fathom that Palm Desert has 360 days of sunshine a year.  An outdoor display like this would never work where I live in the West Coast.  It boggles my mind for sure.

There were many trains traveling throughout the 'towns'.
They even stopped at train stations!

Among the many scenes was the Wigwam Motel.

A vintage wild west street.

A grave yard complete with a person rising from their grave.  Proof that there are zombies in Palm Desert!  Not.
A dare-devil skier attempting a stunt off of a roof

Mount Rushmore off in the distance.  Remember that these men are only about 6" high.

Many different railway tracks and tunnels and buildings and structures and landscapes.

Even a train wreck.  Pretty realistic if you ask me.

And then there was a lowly, small homestead with a groovy VW van parking in its yard.  This Bug Van reminded Dreamer of a friend she has named ChUn (code name to protect her innocence), who has a dream of road tripping in one of these machines.

Then came the Grand Canyon.  It was vast and deep and wide.

Lots to see and imagine.

This shot shows you the vastness of the display AND The Living Desert Zoo.  On and on it went.

Hard to believe that we had only circled half of the miniature train display at this point.

Some sort of village shown here ... can't remember if it is past or present dwellings.

And then as we leave the train display, we happen upon a perfect photo opportunity.  Can't resist those 'put your head in the hole and shoot' pictures!


  1. I have to say...your post left me wondering if there really is a Wigwam Motel and so I googled it! There really is...! That would be fun to say "I stayed in a wigwam last night!" It looks like you had a wonderful trip!

  2. Uh oh. My back end is sticking up in the air in the last picture...I'm not a very realistic humming bird!


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