Monday, June 14, 2010

Palm Springs - Part 12

Part 12????  How can a 7 day trip turn into a 12 part series???
Sort of reminiscent of Gilligan's Island and the 3 hour tour.

Enough of that, and on with my show ...

Next stop was the Carousel of Endangered Species.  $2 a ride and for those like me who can't handle roller coasters or death defying carnival rides, the round and round and round motion of a gentle carousel was right up my alley.

I enjoy taking pictures ... as you well can guess by now ... but rarely get a picture taken of myself.  I knew that I couldn't miss this photo opportunity and so kindly asked my Hubby to snap one of me.

This was his first attempt ...
a close up of my shirt!

A repentant soul.

He did a much better job next whirl around, although it sort of looks like I am hanging on for dear life doesn't it???

Not so, I enjoyed the carousel in the middle of the desert very much.

Round and round we go. 

And round and round.

Another must-do experience at The Living Desert.

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